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I help female business owners reach their potential and start earning the big bucks for their amazing work!

I work with my clients in my powerful Business Accelerator Program, where I guide them to create their wildly profitable sales funnel and attract bucket loads of dream clients.

Ladies, it's time to end the cash strapped struggle and discover your sassy business edge that will take you from broke and burnt out to revenue rich and
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It's time to reconnect to your intuition and claim your space as a bad-ass ambitious Business Bombshell! 

It's time to shift into a new paradigm of being as you own your innate greatness and unleash self-love to take you to unprecedented levels of confidence and certainty.

The Business Accelerator Program isn't just a program, as a member, you step into a new identity of yourself - the highest version of you - that Business Bombshell that's deep inside you and ready to take you on the journey to create the business success (and life balance) you dream of.

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My life has been (and continues to be) an incredible journey of courageous action, learning, self-discovery and mastery. I realise where my greatest strengths lie and there’s nothing that I love more than tapping into these and inspiring others to achieve their best.

I’m honest, loyal, a pillar of strength and a natural leader. Most of all, I’ll be straight up with you. While I can identify that I have some really powerful qualities that help others excel, it hasn’t always been a peachy ride and the lessons I’ve learnt help me to prevent my clients experiencing that same pain.

Street cred

Here’s a run-down of some my formal training, qualifications and experience that I have gained in over 10 years of professional services.

  • Sales, marketing and event management

  • Financial planning

  • Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), UWA

  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

  • Admitted to practice as a Barrister & Solicitor in Western Australia

  • Working as a lawyer

  • Certified coach

  • Running my own business since 2013

  • Founder of business education and networking group, the Inspired Women

My Story

In 2013 I quit my job as a corporate lawyer to launch a health and wellness coaching business (think of the movie Limitless, but achieving that through lifestyle changes), Lifestyled with Renee Kacz.

I’ve been on my health journey since 2007. The journey I’ve been on and experiences I’ve had from eating clean, trialling different bio-hacking methodologies and an upgrading my mindset have been nothing short of life-changing.

To say I am phenomenally passionate about natural health and wellness is an understatement. So obviously that’s what I should do as a living right?! Wrong. Within a month of launching that business I discovered that while I love all things health and wellness, I didn’t love coaching on it. That was my first entrepreneurial lesson,

be open to possibilities

“just because you think things will be or should be a certain way in your business, sometimes there is a bigger plan for you than what you ever imagined. Stay open to the possibility that something better might be coming your way.”

Quickly I found that what really lights me up is working with entrepreneurs to optimise their mind-set and set them up with clear systems, strategy and structure to achieve ambitious outcomes in their business. I threw myself into entrepreneurial business coaching. Maybe a little too hard.

My business was building well and I was hustling my butt off in a way that would make Gary Vee proud.

renee kacz female business coach success mindset

From the outside, everything looked amazing. I was building my client base. I went on multiple overseas and domestic trips each year, I started public speaking and have spoken at countless events including international speaking events.

I was getting great results, then had a string of “bad luck” (which I now see was a very hard and painful blessing in disguise) and I burnt myself out. Completely. I was diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal fatigue. That’s a loooong story in itself.

I felt like my body was failing me and everything I knew about lifting my state wasn’t working.

At that point I took a step back from coaching, surrendered to a new state of being and allowed my body time to heal and repair. I reconnected to myself and learnt my second entrepreneurial lesson,

life is constantly giving you feedback

“when you feel challenged, you’re not failing, you’re receiving valuable feedback.”

I slowly returned to work, still running my own business but shifted into corporate consultancy, helping clients with their systems, structure and strategic implementation.

After nearly 2 long years of adrenal fatigue I made a minor tweak to my health regime which enabled my body to heal at a deep cellular level. Best of all, it gave me back the sparkle that the adrenal fatigue had taken away.  

For the first time in years I could exercise again. I didn’t need to take multiple daily naps. I started to feel like me again! At this point I felt like the consulting work wasn’t fully aligned with who I am.

So I decided to go back into corporate law. Back to what I knew I enjoyed and was really good at. Enter entrepreneurial lesson number three,

contrast is important

“knowing what you don’t want is incredibly powerful as it enables you to be completely clear about what you do want.”

Within about 6 months it became glaringly obvious to me. Whilst I love law, corporate law isn’t the area for me.

renee kacz female business coach success mindset marketing

The beauty of having that time to re-explore my former career gave me the confidence to once and for all put that behind me. It also gave me strong contrast, of what I don’t want and enabled me to be so clear in what I do want. That is to be aligned with my higher purpose of passionately leading female entrepreneurs to build successful and purpose driven businesses.

The journey I have been on has taught me many things, most importantly, entrepreneurial lesson number four,

know your purpose

“when we live from and make all decisions aligned with our highest purpose, we don’t always get what we expect, but we get the most soul fulfilling and limitless outcome beyond our wildest imagination.”

Am I perfect? Heck no! I’ve been on a long road of self-discovery and self-mastery. And one of my strengths is my constant and never ending thirst for knowledge and passion to continually learn, grow and share the latest in proven methodologies, strategies, systems and hacks that produce massive results for my clients.

I mesh together the skills I have gained across my diverse corporate background, coupled with my passion for living life on purpose to help facilitate my clients be the best version of themselves.

Much love
Renee xo