Ready for some goodies?

Building your own biz can be tough... and everything can seem like it costs SO MUCH just for some basic info! 
On my own business journey I've been peeved off more than a few times when I've paid for things, opt-ins, ecourses, downloadables, and they've totally over promised and underdelivered. What's more, as a business coach and the founder of the Inspired Women, I'm in touch with hundreds of women each week who are in need of some real advice that's going to help them build a successful and joy-filled biz.

So I've created some free goodies for you!

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Ultimate Facebook Ads Targeting Cheat Sheet

Facebook adverts can be a total mine field! Not to mention with changing algorithms and constant FB updates it can be hard to get the high level of conversions that you're aiming for with your adverts.

To help out I've created this awesome Facebook adverts targeting cheat sheet to help you nail your Facebook ads targeting and attract more of your dream client to your biz! 

It's a free download, just click on the button below to receive instant access - access will appear immediately on the screen after you complete the form.

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5 Marketing Keys to Building a Kick-ass Business

I’m one of those people that doesn’t complain about a problem. When I see something I’m not happy with, I do something about it.

And there’s been something that has really been bothering me.

I have built a community of around 5,000 business women, we connect regularly at in-person business education and networking events (so far, in Perth, with expansion to other cities soon). I love to stay connected with the community and often survey them to find out their biggest business challenges, so we can help solve them.

And the biggest challenge I see facing female business owners is that they’re not sure how to really get their biz out there. See, they have an amazing biz, they love working with their clients and they provide massive value to their clients. But they just don’t seem to have enough clients.

Seeing this same challenge come up time and time again I realised I needed to do something to help. So I created the Blueprint: 5 Keys to Building a Kick-ass Business, a free pdf download that covers:

  1. How to set yourself up each and every day with a bulletproof mindset to help you through the entrepreneurial roller-coaster
  2. How to create your ideal customer avatar, enabling you to attract your exact ideal client who you LOVE to work with
  3. How to establish a personal brand that your potential clients connect with and trust
  4. The dos and don’ts of building a loyal following
  5. Realising your dreams by taking massive action

If you’d like to attract more amazing clients to your business then feel free to grab a copy of the Blueprint today, just fill out your details below to receive instant access.

About the author: Renee Kacz is the founder of Perth’s leading women’s business community, the Inspired Women, and Perth’s best women’s business marketing event, the annual Inspired Marketing Mastermind. Renee is an international public speaker and business coach. She is passionate about helping female business owners build successful and profitable businesses and draws upon her business background as a former lawyer and self-made entrepreneur to help empower her clients. 


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How to Record an Online Interview

Do you have an online business?
Are you wanting to create online interviews or recordings to share?

Yeah?! Awesome, because I've created a video and cheatsheet explaining how to record an online video (using Zoom). I go through, step-by-step:

  1. arranging the time and date for your interview, including an awesome time saving tool!
  2. how to set up your Zoom account (yeah, there's a freebie version which works amazingly)
  3. all the do's and don'ts for your recording
  4. step by step, how to run the recording, including if you want it to be 'webinar' style with slides, or just have an intro slide, or purely stick to having your face and the interviewees face! It's all in the video below and this powerful free cheatsheet.