Why manifesting is a waste of time, what really works

Renee Kacz - 1 May 2022

I’m here to share a little fact-oid with you that most self-development and self-help gurus get totally wrong.

I’m going to share why manifesting is a waste of time, and what you really need to be doing instead to achieve phenomenal results!

Have you ever been in that situation where there’s something big, maybe it’s a little bit scary and new, that you’re about to embark on, maybe a new project?

And then you have that moment of clarity.

You decide that this time you’ll do things differently!

This time you’ll tap into your creative feminine powers, smudge yourself first, get the diffuser on then really harness your feminine energy and manifest the heck out of that new project.

You think to yourself,

‘You know what, I’m going to go a step further. I’m going to put on my hippiest looking outfit, dang it, I’m even going to put feathers in my hair, spend at least 10 minutes bare foot outside grounding, hug the nearest tree you find, then, then I’m going to visualise this project so hard it can’t help but happen.

After all that hard work, then I’m just going to let it go and leave it to the Universe.’

Mmmmmhrmmmm and that my dear is exactly why that project failed.

You see, no matter how mother earth you went with your manifesting, simply sitting and visualising a desired outcome is a total waste of time. Yes, even if you smudged first. For one very specific reason.

Birthing something new requires BOTH the masculine and the feminine. In my many years of coaching and helping women feel and achieve their best, 99% of the time an overreliance on just the feminine usually leads to high levels of anxiety.

And I get it, often we’ll chat to a girlfriend about it and she’ll reinforce that notion of being kind to yourself, that you’ve done everything you can and it’s up to the Universe now.


You’re feeling anxious because you haven’t actually done anything tangible that will see you realise your vision.

By taking clear, consistent action toward your goal, while also visualising the process and outcome you desire – now there is where the magic is at!

When I hear clients share this anxiety forming scenario I always think of this fabulous quote by Dale Carnegie.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear,
Action breeds confidence and certainty”
 – Dale Carnegie

I often notice in the spiritual space an over-reliance on ‘just being’. Of course, being has its place.

And it’s not enough. Sadly, that famous movie The Secret lied to us. You can’t just sit at your letterbox and manifest a $1m cheque arriving in the mail (well, you could, but I don’t like your chances of it actually happening). 

Manifesting is amazing – and it’s not enough. Visualising is such a powerful tool (I use it at least daily!), and it’s not enough. 

When we use the masculine to create structure and soulfully aligned action, add it to your feminine manifesting and visualisation, that there, that is where the magic is at and your dreams become a reality!

About the Author

Renee Kacz a multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to live her best life, every single day, and help you do the same! She has been helping women to create and live a phenomenal life that they absolutely love since 2013.

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